RPAC Board of Trustees

The RPAC Board of Trustees is composed of three members from each of the six OAR districts, one local board Association Executive, OAR Sterling R members ($1,000+ contributors) of three or more years and any National RPAC Trustee from Oklahoma.


Except for the Sterling R members, each Trustee serves two-year terms and is limited to three consecutive terms. Trustees must be willing to give to RPAC at the minimum of $99 Club level.

The Board of Trustees has general supervision and control over the affairs and funds of RPAC Oklahoma. They establish policies and procedures and carry out all the activities of RPAC Oklahoma.

If you're interested in serving your industry in this capacity, contact your local board executive or the OAR staff liaison for complete information.

Kathy Fowler

Vice Chairman
Amy Bladow

Jerry Boston


Mo Anderson
Tom Andrew
Bijan Babollah
Bonnie Baker
Pamela Barton-Stober
G. Douglas Bauer
Kacy Bell
Debbie Benton
Mary Berry
Bart Binning
Montie Box
Tommy Chesnutt
Tonya Coffman
Mike Cotrill
Mike Craddock
Doug Emde
Rodger Erker
Peggy Foster
Terry Gartside
Gary Griffith, Ex-Officio Non-Voting
Dennis Hall
Chuck Harris
Joan Hastings
Karen King
Sherry Lewis
Joe McGraw
Dave Momper
Chuck Patterson
Joe Pryor, Ex-Officio Non-Voting
Sam Rader
Brad Reeser
Theresa Stewart
Larry Stumpff
Dick Sudduth
Ron Sumner
Barry Taylor
Carol Taylor
Mary Ruth Terry
Scott Ward
Lisa Weaver
Hope White
Donna Willis

Staff Liaison
Matt Robison